Oros Thai Style


64. Seafood Delight กระเพราทะเล $19.95 Combination of seafood sautéed with chili paste, onion, bell pepper garlic, ginger, and fresh lime leaves. (Prawns, Calamari, Mussel, Scallop, Fish Fillet)
65. Hoy Lai Pad Prik Pao หอยลายผัดพริกเผา $14.95 Clam stir-fried with sweet chili paste and basil leaves
66. Choo Chee Jumbo Prawns ฉู่ฉี่กุ้ง $21.95 Our special coconut curry sauce with bell pepper and fine kaffir lime leaves topped on your choice of jumbo prawns

Choo Chee Jumbo Prawns_Oros Thai_Thai food_San Jose
67. Pla Trout Tod Nam Pla ปลาทเราท์ทอดน้ำปลา $15.95 Fried quick marinated whole trout in fish sauce and pepper,
served with Mango Sauce

 Pla Trout Tod Nam Pla
68. Pla Nueng Manao/Pampano whole fish of fish fillet ปลานึ่งมะนาว $16.95 Steamed whole fish topped with Thai spicy garlic lemon sauce.
69. Moo Pah Pad Cha หมูป่าผัดฉ่า $15.95 Boar stir-fried with a house made chili paste and galingale
70. Spicy Crispy Catfish ปลาดุกผัดเผ็ด $14.95 Deep fried catfish slices sautéed with Thai chili paste, green bean kaffir lime leaves, bell pepper
71. Garm Phoo Pad Prik Pao ก้ามปูผัดพริกเผา $21.95 Crab claws-chili sauce stir fried crab claws with onions, gingers &chili oil

72. Hoi Op หอยแมลงภู่อบใบโหระพา $14.95 Steam mussels- Thai herbs aromatic steamed mussels in clay pot with Thai herbs: corianders, lemongrass, ginger, basil leaves, served with spicy sauce.
73. Yum Pla Duk Foo ยำปลาดุกฟู $15.95 Lime based salad dressing salad of fried catfish with chili and plenty of garden vegetables

74. Yum Koh Moo Yang ยำคอหมูย่าง $12.95 Spicy lime dressing and roasted quick marinated pork shoulder, basil leaves, chili & rice powder