Som Tum |Green Papaya Salad

What is Green Papaya Salad?

Green Papaya Salad OR  ‘Som Tum’ in Thai is one of Thailand’s most popular dish that you must try. This salad is the perfect combination of numerous vegetables and tasty yummy dressing sauce.

The key ingredients of authentic Thai ‘Green Papaya salad recipe’  are fresh chili, garlic, palm sugar, fish sauce, ‘Shredded unripe papaya’ (Green Papaya), cherry tomato,  blended dried shrimp, green bean,  and lime.  Smash each ingredient respectively and mixed together by using a mortar.

Green Papaya salad

Photo by Andre Manik from Pexels

Green papaya salad

Photo by Rama Khandkar from Pexels

What is the history of Green Papaya Salad or Som Tum?

Green Papaya Salad first appeared in an ancient cooking book since 1908 but it was not exactly the same menu and recipe but have something in common. The first official proof of the  Som Tum restaurant in Bangkok was established in 1947 in the area that has a lot of  I-San or South Eastern people who relocated to Bangkok.

Green Papaya Salad recipe

  1. Shredded unripe papaya salad; below are some alternative ways to do this;

  • Use normal knife hit directly to papaya continuously to create line texture and then slice it off and repeat all process again and again
  • Use  Cutter Slicer
  • Use cheese Grater

     2. Smash chili & garlic in the mortar together.

The number of chilies is adjustable depending on your preference of spiciness.

     3. Added  Coconut sugar (or normal sugar), fish sauce, lime. Mixed it and taste it.

The taste now might be too strong and will be dilute after mixing these with vegetables

     4. Mixed that dressing and vegetable together and adjusted that taste as you want.

How is the taste of Green Papaya Salad or Som Tum?

Green Papaya Salad is so tasty. The Green Papaya itself is a bit bitter or do not have any strong taste depends on the type papaya. But when it mixed together with the sauce, you can feel all taste that your tongue can perceive; led by spicy and sour, followed by a bit salty and sweet even during eating or even after taste.

Where can you the best Green Papaya Salad in US / San Jose?

At Oros Thai Restaurant. We served authentically Green papaya salad with options to be more creative. You can specify the level of spiciness for sure and we provide a diversified option for both meat lovers; you can order by adding shrimp, salted crab.

OR for Vegetarian recipe; we can remove dried shrimp and fish sauce and add tofu for you.  We make sure that you still taste one of Thailand’s most authentic popular dish with healthy vegetarian Green Papaya Recipe.

OrosThai_Green Papaya Salad

Green Papaya Salad at Oros Thai restaurant


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