Fried Rice & Entrees


Choice of Tofu
Choice of Chicken or Pork
Choice of Beef, Prawns, Crabmeat or Calamari

37. Pineapple Fried Rice
Stir fried rice with pineapple, chicken, prawns, cashew nut ,diced carrots,sweet peas,kernel corn & raisins.

38. Kao pad Phoo Garee
Crab fried rice- yellow powder crab meat fried rice with eggs &fragranced with turmeric yellow curry powder, garnished with fried minced garlic and green onions
39. Fried Chicken over Egg Fried Rice
With Thai sweet chili sauce, cucumber and topped with cilantro
40. Basil Spicy Fried rice Stir Fried rice with fresh basil leaves, bell pepper, onion, fresh Thai Chili and your choice of meat
41. Thai Fried Rice stir fried rice with egg, tomato and your choice of meat

Please indicate level of spiciness (Level mild, medium, hot,Thai hot)
Choice of Tofu/Vegetables
Choice of Chicken or Pork
Choice of Beef, Prawns or Calamari

42. Pad Gra-Praw (Thai Basil) (house Specialty) our most favorite entrée sautéed with minced garlic, fresh chili, basil leaves & bell peppers (Your choice of meat)
43. Spicy Eggplant Eggplant and fresh basil leaves sautéed with chili, garlic, bell pepper (Your choice of meat)
44. Pad Khing/ginger-onion Sautéed with shredded gingers, onions, wood-ear mushrooms & bell peppers. (Your choice of meat)
45. Pad Woon Sen/silver Noodles Stir fried cellophane noodles with eggs, onions & wood-ear mushrooms. (Your choice of meat)
46. Pad Prik Kinng (green Bean) Sautéed with green beans &red Chili paste. (Your choice of meat)
47. Pad Priew Warn/Sweet Sour Sauce Sautéed with pineapples, cucumbers, onions, cherry tomatoes &bell peppers in sweet sour sauce. (Your choice of meat)
48. Pad Prik/onion-bell pepper Sautéed with onions& bell peppers. (Your choice of meat)
49. Tod Gra-Tiem/Garlic-pepper Crispy deep fried meat sautéed with minced garlic &pepper. (Your choice of meat)
50. Cashew Nut with Dried Chili Cashew nut sautéed with bell pepper, onion, ginger, dried chili. (Your choice of meat)
51. Broccoli with Oyster Sauce Broccoli and Fresh garlic sautéed with a tasty oyster sauce. (Your choice of meat)
52. Garlic Delight Fresh garlic and black pepper wok sautéed with (Your choice of meat)
53. Rama Thai (peanut Sauce) Steamed spinach topped with peanut curry sauce, coconut milk and (Your choice of meat)