1. Chicken Satay (house Specialty) 
Marinated chicken breast barbequed on skewers, served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad

2. Fried Tofu
Deep fried bean cake served with plum sauce and crushed peanut

3. Crispy Veggie Thai Spring Rolls
Bean Thread noodle, taro, cabbage, onion and carrot rolled in rice paper Fried crispy and served with plum sauce

4. Flute Spring Roll
Deep fried wonton stuffed with marinated minced prawn, pork and cilantro served with Thai sweet sauce

5. Crispy Thai Shrimp Rolls
Marinated shrimp rolled in rice paper, fried crispy, served with house special sauce

6. Fried Calamari
Deep fried calamari salt and green onion

7. Soft Shell Crab
Crisp battered soft shell crab served with cucumber salad

Soft Shell Crab_Oros Thai_Thai food_San Jose
8. Fish Cake (Tod Mun)
Fresh fish paste mixed with curry paste, chopped green bean, kaffir lime leaves, Deep fried and served with cucumber in plum sauce topped with ground peanuts

Fish cake_Oros Thai_Thai food_San Jose
9. Chicken wing basil
deep-fried chicken wing tossed with homemade sweet chili sauce topped with crispy basil
10. Korr Moo Yang
Traditional grilled marinated pork shoulder served with rice vinegar dipping sauce

Oros Thai_Thai food_Korr Moo Yang_San Jose
11. Thai Sausage
Deep-fried Thai style pork sausage served with fried dry chili, slice gingers and cashew nuts.
12. Oros Fresh Spring Rolls
Shrimps, bean sprouts, lettuce & mint wrapped in fresh rice paper served with homemade dipping sauce with peanut